cold brew coffee products on tap

Our cold brew products are brewed cold with high quality coffee beans roasted specifically for a clean, crisp flavor. Instead of flattening out flavors, we create a smooth cup that preserves the pleasant notes of the coffee. All of our products are made using water which has been filtered through a multi-stage system to ensure a pleasant cup.

Cold brew and nitro coffee. What's the difference?

Cold brew is served still (no bubbles) and is great served straight up over ice. Nitro coffee is kegged under a greater pressure of nitrogen, which is forced into the liquid. It is then served from a stout faucet, where the nitrogen is drawn out of the liquid creating a cascading cup with a creamy mouthfeel. 

serving cold brew

Cold brew and nitro coffee must be refrigerated. The products are delivered in 5 gallon kegs, and can easily be integrated into any existing tap system. If you do not have a tap system and/or appropriate refrigeration, inquire about our kegerator program below. 


If you would like to explore serving cold brew but do not have existing taps or refrigeration, we have an affordable kegerator program to help you get started. Fill out the form below, and we'll be in touch shortly.

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