Single origin vs blend. How do I choose?

Single origin coffee comes from a specific geographical area. The conditions under which it is grown and processed in the region create a unique flavor for that coffee. Blends are developed to maintain a certain flavor profile. Coffee is a seasonal crop, so the blend components are subject to change over time while the flavor is maintained. Bottom line: a blend is good if you like predictability and consistency, but if you like to explore new flavors, check out some of our single origins.

What makes your coffee different?

With every coffee product we offer, our goal is to unlock and highlight the great flavors that are unique to that bean. Instead of roasting on the darker side as many roasters do (where most flavors get lost), we take the time to develop the coffee properly. This provides a balanced cup while bringing out the more delicate flavors.

What's the difference between regular coffee, and espresso?

The coffees listed under Espresso were specifically roasted and developed to taste great using an espresso machine. Feel free to be daring and brew them however you'd like though.

How often do you roast?

We roast multiple days per week, and we aim to pack and ship or deliver most coffee either on the same day or the next day. We do not roast or ship on the weekends. All of our coffee is roasted in house.

What is the best way to brew my coffee?

There are a variety of brew methods that you can choose from to make a great cup of coffee. Visit our brewing guide to get more info on some of our favorites.

Do you flavor the coffee?  

We do not flavor any of the coffee. The flavors you see next to "Tasting Notes" simply describe subtle flavors that are present in the coffee.

How should I measure my coffee for brewing?

Many people are accustomed to measuring coffee in "scoops," but the best way to determine how much coffee to use is by weight. Use a digital scale to measure both the coffee and water and follow the ratios defined in our brewing guide. As always, adjust according to taste.

How should I store my coffee?

Keep your coffee at room temperature, in an airtight container and away from direct sunlight.  Keeping coffee in the refrigerator will reduce it's natural moisture and mute flavors and aromas (and may cause it to take on other unintended flavors).

WHAT IF I Have another question?

Contact us and we will be in touch as soon as possible.